Pet Stains and Odors
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Pet Stains and Odor

Carpets can cost you a lot of money. However, when they are newly installed, they give your home a fresh beautiful look. Your investment can be ruined quickly by pet stains if you have furry friends around the house. They can come into the house with muddy paws and damage your carpets. Pets can also use the bathroom where they aren’t supposed to, accidents happen. What are the steps you can take to keep your carpet clean at the same time your pets happy?

Regular Pet Grooming

One way you can minimize the damage caused on your carpet is by grooming your pets. After your dog has been outside playing, make sure there is a rug on the door to clean their paws and they are groomed, cats also should be brushed regularly to minimize hairballs.

Cleaning a Stained Carpet

Your pet may know how to go do their business outside. However, if they go inside, it may be very difficult to remove their mess. The best cleaners are the enzyme-based solution. They are good when used on carpets with fiber, but you should test them on a small patch to make sure it won’t affect the color. Once it has removed the stains, you can decide to ride your carpet with water or have it professionally cleaned.

There are domestic carpet washers who you can use to take care of small stain. In addition, there are vacuum cleaners that are designed to pick up pet hairs from your carpets. However, these are just temporary ways of dealing with pet stains and hair on your carpet.

Choose Your Carpet Color Carefully

Carpet can hide pet’s hair perfectly, so make a wise choice about their colors. If you have dark haired pets, you should avoid light shades and vice versa. Don’t forget the ugly look of muddy paw-prints on your light-colored carpet.

How to Rid or Pet Hair and Prevent Pet Stains

When you have a beautiful new carpet, the last thing you want is for your guest to see pet stains or pairs cavorting the surface. Starting cleaning your carpet using a vacuum that special attachments for cleaning carpets. If you don’t have this vacuum cleaner, you can always spray a sponge with water and hair it across the surface of your carpets, however, don’t over wet the carpet. Using professional carpet cleaners is another option you can use. They remove all stains, pets’ hair and pests from your carpets.

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