Types of Tile
Carpet Cleaning Pros Scottsdale Different Types of Tile

Types of Tile

You may not notice this, but there are indeed different types of tile. Tiles are one of the most environments friendly and cost-effective flooring choices used in residential and commercial appliances. They are made from natural clay or recycled materials. Tile surfaces are not manufactured using heavy chemicals or harmful substances, but they are strong and have a longer lifespan. Before you clean your tile, you may need to research on what type of tile it is before you do. Cleaning the wrong tile with the wrong method can lead your tile to be damaged. There are 5 different types of tiles that are commonly used in many building flooring, they include:

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic is the most common among the types of tile surfaces. It is usually used in offices, homes or stores. They are commonly classified into two categories which are glazed and unglazed. Ceramic tiles are usually made of clay, then heated. After heated they add the glazed to create the color of the tile. The glazing process allows the creation of infinite colors. Professionally, Ceramic is usually cleaned with steam and high water pressure in addition to water extraction.

Quarry Tile

The quarry tiles are unglazed, meaning they are durable, inexpensive and best for commercial and residential spaces. Quarry tiles are usually the best option for industrial application because they are durable. They are less prone to scratches and chips when used outdoors and in cold climates. They are freeze-resistant. Like most tiles, quarry tiles get stained so they are not a better option when you want to use them in the kitchen or places prone to stains.

Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tile can be classified together with the ceramic tiles. The only difference between the two is that porcelains are manufactured at a higher temperature making them denser. Porcelain is less porous, meaning they can’t get stained and they can be used anywhere, whether its indoors or outdoors. The cost and labor involved in cutting and installing are higher than other tiles because of their density and hardness.

Mosaic Tile

These are most commonly used in smaller areas where you can be creative with your design. Subjectively, mosaic can look good in areas such askitchens, bathrooms or counter space areas. The tiles can come in three main shapes of square, octagons or hexagons, but they can also be found in other unique shapes.

Marble Tile

Marble tiles have been in the market for centuries. They are versatile natural stones that create luxuries and unique look in spaces that they are used. Marble tiles have color variations which make them the best choices for many homeowners. Marble tile is porous, and needs to be sealed to avoid damage and stains just like other types.

There are several other types that are not mentioned in this article. However, we have covered the five most common types for homeowners and commercial buildings. You may even have one of these types in your home or business. In conclusion, make sure that you know what type of tile you have before you go forward in cleaning.

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